Zanovello Hinges: from 1960

15 years ago Zanovello, confident of its experience, presented to the market Futura, his first innovative product that solved tasks until then unsolved. Now Zanovello presents a family of innovative products.


Compact Hinge

When less is more! This tiny hinge, having a solid structure, silent and fluid movement, minimizes the slots either on the door or on the oven; allowing various fitting possibilities it reduces the necessary spaces and the installation costs

Futura Hinge

A functional design for an innovative hinge with limited dimensions. With its solid and reliable construction it became shortly the reference model

Slim Hinge

The hinge arm is only 12 mm wide and can be installed either on the oven or on the door: this characteristic offers many technical solutions to the oven designer

Variable Joint Oven Hings

A hinge that, thanks to its particular rotating mechanism (with a movement of up to 45 mm), allows the spaces between the frame and the oven door to be reduced considerably.

Fixed Joint Oven Hing

A simply made hinge, it is the right choise when a long-lasting reliable product at a modest price is required; it can be installed on a wide variety of products such as: cookers, built-in ovens, wood stoves, below-oven doors, wood burning stoves.

Grill Hinges

A hinge used for light and small doors in applications that require a push on closing and maintenance in stopped position on fully opening the door.

Fixed Joint Oven Hinge with Arm

Compared to the other fixed joint hinges, this hinge offers the advantage of allowing the door to be fitted and removed quickly, which means lower assembly and maintenance costs.